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Recording, production and the shaping of sound in general has been a passion from early on. Evolving through different genres, from beat-making and sampling to acoustic songwriting, there was always the same urge to explore the recording process. Since I finished my first record for SOLAK I also started doing this for others. 

Recently I'm having my own recording studio, called StudioSobrak.

Lots of vibe, some great sounding gear and love for music-making.

Feel free to contact me about it if you'd be interested.



Currently I've been working on music for and together with Yong Yello, Brihang, Glints and others. 


BRIHANG - Droomvoeding (2023)

Writing & co-production for "Telefoontje", "Cut op de set"

additional production/guitars/bass for "Zee Van Tijd", "Berg", "Tussenin"


Glints - The Dark (2023)

Guitar/Bass on: "A Crack of Thunder", "She Flew the Coop", "Taurine Rider"


I'm also writing and playing music for a theatre about the life of Ché Guevara, which will be played in late 2023.

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